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Japanese Jujutsu

Jujutsu is the largest traditional soft style martial art in Japan today. It uses principles of countering an attack by using the opponent's strength against himself. Striking techniques based on pressure points are used, along with joint manipulations and throws, to subdue and control an opponent. The fundamentals of jujutsu are very simple to learn, but the advanced methods and techniques take years of dedicated study to master. Many people are familiar with other names often used to refer to Jujutsu such as Aikido, Judo, BJJ or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, but the source of all these arts is the same and rest assured it is the most effective self-defense style out there! For the past 25 years The Hidden Dojo has been teaching Jujutsu, (often misspelled jiu-jitsu or ju-jitsu) in Palmdale and Lancaster and have taught hundreds of free seminars to community organizations, churchs, clubs and schools in order to empower people with some simple tools to feel safer now. There are many martial arts in the Antelope Valley, although very few can offer not only a traditional martial arts program, but the opportunity to travel and train in Japan with the masters. Over the past decade over 100 students have had such an opportunity with many more in the planning stages now. If you would like to travel to Japan to study more closley these ancient and effective traditions we would love to give you more information and set some goals with you. Believe it or not you can have an amazing training adventure for much less than you think. Fill in your information below and let's get started on your journey and discover what's hidden in you?

I have been training in this Dojo for nearly 7 years now, and I can honestly say that not only is it one of the longest operating martial arts schools in the Antelope Valley, but it is also one one of - if not the -  finest.
Yes, It is a bit hard to find (tucked away in a pseudo industrial park), but once you do find it you are introduced to an easily accessible bit of Japanese Culture and Martial Arts.
In this school one will learn Japanese Jujutsu. This art is the "father" of Judo, BJJ, Aikido, and more. This art teaches throws, joint locks, and grappling, as well as striking methods that aim to create a well-rounded student.
Also taught is Batto-Do - a style of swordsmanship that utilizes the Katana in both test cutting and in kata (forms).
The head instructor,  Derek Morris, in addition to the years he spent living in Japan, has created and maintained relationships with the heads of our arts, and it allows us to benefit from these connections. We get instruction that is undiluted, and as a result, we get a level of understanding that is unsurpassed in most dojos. This first-hand knowledge and relationship allows students the opportunity to visit and train in Japan if desired. Numerous students have made the trip (myself included), and it enhances your life and training in many ways.
It can become cliche to say that martial arts training makes you a better person, but its true. Training allows for changes in health, in fitness, and in personal development. You become more focused, more determined, and more self-aware. Morris Sensei, and the other instructors will ensure that as a student, you too will develop these traits.
This dojo is NOT in the business of belts and fees and tests and fees and contracts. Here you will WORK for your rank - and value it that much more.
There are NO CONTRACTS and NO HIDDEN FEES. You pay your dues, you train, and you learn. If you progress, you are rewarded. If not, you work harder. That is quality training. This dojo wants you to succeed and grow, and if you desire that, the instructors will see to it.
Stylistically and culturally, this is the closest you'll get to training in Japan, and it's certainly an Island in the AV's sea of poor quality martial arts schools.
I strongly suggest this school if you are interested in Japanese Martial Arts, Language, or even culture. 

-Don B.

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